This is my standing frame, called an Easy Stand. I can transfer laterally into it and use it independently. Many years ago this and the NuStep would’ve only been found in therapeutic environments.

This is my NuStep machine. I use this primarily for loosening up my legs. It can be a cardio workout for some, but my legs are very heavy and I fatigue before I can get my heart rate up. That is not true of swimming.

This is how I swim. Now here’s where I get my cardio workout. Because of my left shoulder, I have only been able to master the no legged breast stroke.

This is my Tai Chi Gong routine

This is how I get into bed and the leg stretches I do every morning. If my legs spasm at night, sometimes I’ll do these at night also.

If you’d like to see how I drive using only my hands, here you go:

In early 2014, when I was working with Tomm Voss, he would put me on the ground and one of the things I did was walk backwards. It got my heart rate up and was really good at strengthening my whole shoulder complex.

Although this isn’t me doing something, Logan is just too incredible to not include. He is just a fun dog. He is a furry human. 

There is a very exciting new sport called electric Kart racing that takes place inside a warehouse sized arena at MB2. One of their Karts has hand controls, so I can drive. 

I had the opportunity to participate in the Land Meets Sea camp sponsored by Casa Colina that took place in Long Beach. 

If you are wondering how I stay fit, here is an example of a typical workout at CORE, Center Of Restorative Exercise

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